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Students Council


APS Mamun School House System

Houses: For the sake of interaction among the students of different ages and different classes and to promote the team spirit, loyalty and healthy competition among the students, all students are divided into four houses named after the famous freedom fighters, namely

a) Indira

b) Naidu

c) Tagore

d) Shastri

Inter House Competitions :
During the course of the academic year, several Inter house competitions are organised in sports, debate, art and craft, extempore, essay writing, quiz, solo song, group song, group dance, skit and JAM (Just A Minute).

Every student at the time of admission is placed in one of these houses. Each house is headed by one boy or a girl known as House Captain.

A Vice House Captain and four perfects are also provided for the help of the House Captain. A member of the staff, assisted by several other teachers' acts as the House Warden. Points are awarded to students throughout the year for the extra curricular activities, games and sports.

At the end of the academic year the house which gets the maximum points is awarded with a running trophy.

Students Council

Students Council
Head Boy Nishant
Head Girl Kanchan
Vice Head Boy Davinder
Vice Head Girl Vanshita
Discipline Minister(Boy) Dhiraj
Discipline Minister(Girl) Soumya
Sports Minister (Boys) Ajay
Sports Minister (Girl) Shristi
Cultural Minister (Boy) Shubham
Cultural Minister (Girl) Celina
Indira House
House Captain Usha
Vice House Captain Sunit
Sports Incharge Nikhil
Cultural Incharge Abhay
Discipline Incharge Monisha
Naidu House
House Captain Ekta
Vice House Captain Anandita
Sports Incharge Karan
Cultural Incharge Muskan
Discipline Incharge Yushank
Shastri House
House Captain Lovepreet
Vice House Captain Muskan
Sports Incharge Payal
Cutural Incharge Bhupender
Discipline Incharge Gurdeep
Tagore House
House Captain Ritish
Vice House Captain Subham
Sports Incharge Arjun
Cultural Incharge Ashwani Yadav
Discipline Incharge Rahul

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